Back to School MUST HAVES

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Its that time of the year again, your going back to school, and you know you need to look good. Attending a large school, or a small school, the pressure to look good can be anxiety inducing. There are literally thousands of girls on campus that each have their own personal style and spend time every day making themselves look good (Zanex anyone). The worst part is that you don't have time to plan out an entire outfit everyday and you don't really have the time, money or even the energy to put on a complicated and uncomfortable outfit. Well ladies, I've arrived with my list of back to school must haves. I own each of these pieces and I can tell your right now that without them in my closet I would be lost. Lets take a look!

The Cambridge Satchel is an absolute MUST HAVE for every day occasions and even formal events. This bag is so classic and the Cambridge Satchel Co. make them to last. My co-worker has had her for several years and the bag never becomes slouchy and has held up like a dream. This bag can be pricey, but believe me that it is so so so worth it. If your not feeling the price, head on over to Ebay or Amazon or even Etsy for some cheaper dupes. Just remember you are sacrificing the quality of the bag for a cheaper product

Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

 A motorcycle Jacket is something that every women NEEDS to have in her closet. Even if you feel like you may not typically wear this, buy it and you will feel transformed into that tough talking fashionable diva that you really are. Something about putting this jacket on makes me feel so empowered. These jackets can run pricey, but I have found several dupes from Ebay and Amazon that are only around $30.  Just keep in mind if you buy from a seller based in China ORDER A SIZE UP. Lord knows how many times I have bought an item from China bases sellers only to discover that only 1/3rd of my body will squeeze inside the clothing piece.

The Jessica Simpson Noway Flats are my favorite go to shoe. I found them very discounted on Ebay and wear them several times a week. Not only are they comfy but they are perfect for almost any outfit or to wear with some comfy tights.

This lipstick is to dieeee for. Just look at it. So bright and so beautiful. This is the lipstick that will make you stand out in the crowd. I personally own this and LOVE it. It stays on so well and makes me feel like I can do anything. If your thinking that it is too bright for you, think again, every girl should try wearing this lipstick once, and ROCK it.

Faux Leather leggings are the best thing to happen to me in this life. They make me feel like I just stepped out of Grease...except modern and sassy as hell. Once again DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE LEATHER. If you think you would never wear these, then you must try them. Get out of your comfort zone, and jump straight into these leggings. Believe me they are SO comfy and paired with the right outfit you will not look cheesy. Preferable pair these with a longer and slouchy top and even the Jessica S. Noway Flats, and you will blow everyone's mind. TRUST ME.

Last but not least is the one and only shirt you will ever need. A neutral slouchy shirt. I posted a link below, but this shirt can be found anywhere...just head over to Forever21 (if you can handle the anxiety of going into Forever) and pick one up. This can be paired with your leggings, biker jacket, flats, and hot pink lipstick. Such an easy outfit, and because this is a neutral based outfit, your lipstick will stand out and your form will be flattering and tailored. Even though each peice on its own is a statement, paired together you will look like you know how to dress yourself and like you put a tremendous amount of effort into yourself. (No one has to know it only took you 5 minutes) 

let me know what you guys think of this outfit, what are your suggestions? Do you prefer more brightly colored outfits or do you like to play it safe? Leave me a comment below!


Cambridge Satchel- Here
Jessica Simpson Noway Flats- Here
Faux Leather Leggins- Here
Faux Leather Jacket- Here
Classic White Shirt- Here
Stila Lipstick- Here

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