Hello pretties! So, this week has been an adventure. Let me tell you, when people say that moving is the most stressful event in your life, THEY ARE NOT LYING. I never realized how much stuff I had....like were did it all come from?? How did I manage to collect so much worthless and random crap?
After cleaning out my closet and trying to minimize my clutter...I did what any girl does...head straight to Micheal's for new apartment decor (..and I wonder why I have so much stuff..).
That being said, I wanted to do a little DIY apartment post to show how you can decorate your tiny little apartment on the cheap (lord knows there is no reason to spend too much money on decor).
Of course my style is constantly changing, but I wanted to share with you a few ways that I have made my place more cozy.
{See links for items down at the bottom of the blog }

These are a few of the items I currently have in my bathroom, and they were all discounted, which made buying them that much more better. I prefer to keep to a neutral and gold tone with my bedroom and bathroom that way it is more peaceful and relaxing.

This is  part of my bedroom, and although I'm currently working on the throw pillows for the bed (stay tuned for a DIY!) I am very happy with how neutral my bedroom is and how relaxing the colors are. The bedspread is Target (of courseee) and the sheets are also Target ( I can't get over how adorable polka dot print sheets are )

Some of these items I have actually had for years and was able to re-use them in my apartment, which save me money thankfully. The flower collection are actually from Micheal's and with a 40% off coupon was only $3.00! I love fake flower collections for homes and when done properly they can be a cheap and classy way to brighten up your home. (Especially when real flowers are way too expensive to buy on a weekly basis)

Since my desk is in my bedroom, its important that I keep the colors fairly cohesive, and organized. All of the items in this picture were discounted, or thrifted. The shadow box in the corner was made by my adorable bestie, and the antique glass electric cover was thrifted from a local shop were I live. I created the twine picture holder from dollar store twine, and glitter clothes line pins. This was so quick to put up and is perfect for a college lifestyle when you may not be living in one place for a long time. 

My living room is still in need of some work, but everything in this picture (besides the pillows, lord knows I can't sew to save my life) was DIY. The picture frames were thrifted, spray painted and took less then an hour. The blanket was a dip dye blanket, and only took me about 45 minutes and cost less then $5.00

These glass carafes were also a DIY project I did a few years back, and were incredibly easy to make. The glass, and the letters both came from Hobby Lobby and cost me under $10.00 for all three. T
This is a simple way to store all of my tea and sugar that I usually access several times a day. Since my kitchen is not the biggest, I needed a way I could easily access the items I use the most without taking up much storage space. This tray and pot were both from hobby Lobby and cost me under $8.00 

How do yo like to decorate your home? Any ideas or suggestions for my next DIY project?  Leave a comment below!

Ruffle Comforter- here
Polka Dot Sheets- here
Gold Hand- here

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