Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello everyone today I wanted to do a quick blog about something that has been weighing heavy on my mind.  That thing is kindness. More specifically women-women kindness. I interact a lot with women, at my job, in my career and just in general on my college campus. Often times I've noticed that some of the most hostile and unfriendly people in a group are when girls meet other girls. Its like a bell goes off in our head.. and BAM WE HAVE TO BE HOSTILE. I mean god forbid we are nice to each other. I mean it's not like the only supporter that really understand what a women goes through in this world is OTHER WOMEN. 

Laddddies, we should be our support system. We are the only other beings on this planet that can reach out and understand the pain of that special time of the month (bring on the chocolate), understand exactly why we are truly upset. I mean I get it, not all women are the same, we all have different issues and likes. I've always been a bit more tom boyish then other girls, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to surround myself with supportive women in my life. Sure, I've got lots of guy friends (and I love them to death!) but hey if when I'm ready to drink an ungodly amount of wine and talk about meaningless stuff, I don't call my guy friends...I call my girlfriends. Even though I have an amazing support system surrounding myself, I still find myself in situations were I can't find a friendly female face in the crowd. Were I feel like every girl is judging my outfit, or my hair, or just downright hates me. Maybe these are my own insecurities, but I sure don't feel those insecurities around men. I can walk through a crowd and feel like Beyonce any day, but that confidence is often looked down upon by other women, or other women avoid me because that confidence is mistaken for just plain bitchyness.

Ladies, I think its time that we support each other. WE ARE ALL WE HAVE. No one else in this world will understand trying to safely transport your tampon from a dinner party to a bathroom. NO on else will understand that sometimes you just want to eat your body weight in queso and watch Ryan Goslings movies. There are truly some things that your girls will only get. 
That being said, I think we should all challenge ourselves this week to being kind to each girl that we meet. This may be a smile, or just a kind word to someone you normally would over look. I think if we all did this to just one person a day that we would make a huge difference in this world. 

What do you guys think? Share some times this has happened to you, and what you think we can do to change this! 



  1. Girl Hate is literally the worst! I don't know what it is about our culture/society that perpetuates it but I see it all the time too! I've definitely been the victim and I'm sure at some point in my life (as ashamed I am to admit this) the perpetuator as well :/ That's definitely not who I am anymore - I try to live my life by the golden rule of always being nice and giving people chances. Great post!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. Thanks love, your absolutely right, I have both been a victim and a perpetrator. I'm hoping awareness can all bring us together again! :)

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