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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hello loves, just wanted to do an update of some of the things I stocked up on this weekend, and some new purchases that I'm going to try out so I can do a review on. Let me know if you have tried any of these beauty products, and if you liked them!

I recently purchased this at my local health food store and I'm really curious how this will treat my skin. It's slogan is "Like a vitamin pill for the skin." Clearly they sold me. The smell is amazing and so far it is not greasy at all. I'll do an update on this in about a month!
{Also no animal testing with this company, thank the lord}

I 've never used either of these items so I'm really curious to see how they hold up. The mascara was from Milan, and since I've never had any of their mascaras before I figured they deserved a try. {the sale price of $4.99 helped too}
The L'Oreal hairspray was also a cheap buy at $3.99, but I have had good luck with L'Oreal in the past, so I'm hoping they don't let me down.

Has anyone out there tried this before? I have really been looking for a long lasting eye liner that will actually stay all day. The last few eyeliners I use have been smearing off leaving me looking like a raccoon. {not the look I'm going for}. I'm hoping this works out, and I'll keep you guys updated!

I bought these two items from Plato's Closet today, and I am really excited. If you have a Plato's Closet in your town, I highly recommend going. The bracelet was $3.00 and the shirt was $5.00. I mean it doesn't get much better then that. 

Oh Forever21. You can be the best and you can be the worst. Either way I never fail to have minor anxiety attacks from your store, and I am always overwhelmed. I went in today and didn't find many items I was impressed with, but I did find these two pieces, which I think I will get good use out of (until they fall apart of course)

I recently saw this on ThatsHeart blog, she said they are super pigmented and long wearing and I'm so excited to try this one out. I'll update on my opinion, but I have high hopes so far!

What are you guys stocking up for this week? With school starting soon it's a good idea to have everything ready to go! Let me know and leave me a comment below :)

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